Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Niece’s Sexual Harassment Allegation: Jamia Police Responds, “Inquiry Has Begun”

Nawzauddin Siddiqui’s niece’s sexual harassment allegation filed against her chacha Minazuddin has been the talk of town. Now, the Jamia Police has started the investigation. Read this exclusive.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s brother Minazuddin is going to face the heat. Reportedly, his niece had filed a complaint at the Jamia Police station in Delhi, alleging that Minazuddin had sexually harassed her. This journalist has spoken to Pavitran from Jamia Police Station, an hour ago. Parivartan says, “We have received the complaint and begun the inquiry. Minazuddin’s statement has not been recorded yet as he is not in Delhi currently. But he shall be called for the same.”

Now, let’s see what Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s niece has to say. This is what she had told me:

“I have filed a police complaint against Nawaz’s younger brother. He was harassing me sexually ever since I was 9 years old. The man in question is Nawaz’s younger brother, Minazuddin.


My mother was a Punjabi who married Nawaz’s brother Minazuddin. Minazuddin harassed me sexually. Prior to that he along with my father even inflicted violence on my mother when I was just 2 years old.


My father married again and thereafter, I was completely ignored. I stopped existing for my father.

When I was 9, I didn’t understand much but I told my bua (Nawaz’s sister) and dadi (grandmother) that Minazuddin is touching me. They said, “Aisa kuch nahin ho sakta, woh tumhare chacha hain”. 
When I turned 13, once Minazuddin brought me on top of him and started touching my thighs. I was very scared. I went up to my dad and told him that I am feeling very dirty about this and even told him ki Minazuddin mujhe bahut gandi nazron se dekhta hai. He said, “Mera bhai kabhi aisa nahi kar sakta. Tu pagal hai kya?”


I was in Delhi and Minazuddin too had come there. I was lying down. He started talking to me and slowly started touching me. I was 18 then. I tried to avoid him but this time, nobody was at home. He said, ‘Tumko yeh karna hai, sab karna hai’. I refused and he removed his belt and started whipping me. I started shouting, my granny entered and he was insisting then that we should have a physical relationship. 

He hit me and I got marks. I sent a picture of that to my boyfriend (whom I have married now). I asked him to come and take me from there, else I would either die or commit suicide.

I spoke about this incident to my dad and even Nawaz, whom I address as Bade Papa. I felt his world is different, he does so many big movies and he will understand me. But he turned around and said, ‘Your mother was a liar, you also are a liar’.

And now what’s Minazuddin up to, who allegedly harassed you sexually?He was having problems with his wife. My other chachis are also suffering in their family.

My father then filed a case that I can’t get married as I was a minor. But that was a lie. I produced documented evidence to prove my age and the court ruled in my favour. And, I got married.

My father is still not okay with my marriage. He continues to file cases.

Aalya’s coming out to say that she had a bad marriage with Nawaz, was the trigger. Yes, I have spoken to her and unse baat karke mujhko himmat aayi hai.”

On the other hand, Nawaz’s brother Shamas has posted a series of tweets, defending his brother Minazuddin without taking names. He also spoke to ETimes, saying that the niece in question had got married when she was a minor but produced fake certificates and got away with it.

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