Ekta Kapoor Declares: “Shall Apologise To The Army If Told By A Bonafide Institution But Won’t Bow Down To Rape & Death Threats By Cyber Bullies”

Ekta Kapoor finally breaks her silence on the hate campaign against her, engineered by Hindustani Bhau.

Ekta Kapoor has been facing some abhorrent and malicious comments by certain social media bullies. Today, Ekta spoke to Shobhaa De and addressed this issue.  

When Shobhaa De asked her on the current threat and wrath that she has been facing on social media (after Hindustani Bhau raised a hue and cry against her web show XXX Season 2, saying she had insulted the Army), Ekta replied, “As an individual and as an organization we are deeply respectful towards Indian army.  Their contribution  to our well being and  security is immense. Yes, we shall readily tender an unconditional apology if such a demand comes from any bonafide army institution. But we won’t bow down to uncivilized cyber bullying and rape threats by random elements.”

In the above video, we see how Ekta is taking a stand against cyberbullying because tomorrow there can be any other woman in her place facing the same outrage and somewhere this needs to end. 

Ekta’s confidence and grit needs to be lauded. Why have we become a nation of bullies who only vomit abuses and threats instead of sitting across the table and sorting out our issues? Why have we started using social media to torment women? Who has given us the right to say anything against anybody and even drag their families in the muddle? Aren’t we misusing social media? Are we alright? Ponder a while.

And the 64-million dollar question is: Who said that COVID-19 will make us more compassionate towards each other?

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