“Nawazuddin Siddiqui-Aaliya’s Divorce Battle is a Serious Matter”: Wife’s Lawyer

In an interview, Aaliya Siddiqui’s lawyer, Abhay Sahai, tells us that the actor’s wife is extremely upset.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife of eleven years, Aaliya, has sent him a legal notice, seeking divorce and maintenance. The actor, who turns 46 today, is currently in his hometown of Budhana, Uttar Pradesh. Nawaz and Aaliya are parents to two children, Shora and Yaani. Before getting married to Aaliya, Nawazuddin had a short-lived arranged marriage with Sheeba.

Speaking to Indian Express, Aaliya Siddiqui said, “I won’t be able to speak on the issues right away, but yes, we have been having problems from the last ten years. And now, during the lockdown, I got thinking and thought I had to end this marriage. I had sent him the notice much before he left for Muzaffarpur, and he has not yet replied to my notice, so I have to take a legal route now.”

We spoke to Aaliya’s lawyer, Abhay Sahai at length. Excerpts from the conversation:

When is Aaliya planning to file for divorce?

We gave Nawaz 15 days to reply to our legal notice. He has not responded, despite Aaliya sending him the notice on his WhatsApp. 

What if Nawaz refuses to sign the divorce papers?
We will go ahead with the proceedings. There’s enough in the notice that we shall take recourse of.

Was it infidelity? Was he cheating on her?
That I cannot answer.

Was she very upset when she came to you for the first time to fight her case? Heartbroken?Yes, else why would someone take such a big step against a big actor like Nawaz? It’s a very serious matter.

They must have started staying separately…
Yes, they started staying separately much before the lockdown began.

Where is Aaliya staying now?
She stays at Yari Road, where the four of them (including the kids) stayed earlier. Nawaz does not stay there anymore. In fact, today is (also) her son’s birthday. Currently, she is very upset.

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