Chahat Pandey: I May Have Committed Suicide If Zaan Khan & My Mom Had Not Intervened

In a honest and vulnerable interview, Chahat Pandey and Zaan Khan speak of their ordeal over the Hamari Bahu Silk payment controversy.


Chahat Pandey and Zaan Khan, the lead pair of Hamari Bahu Silk on Zee TV, have only been paid for the first month of shooting, despite shooting for the serial for seven months. The rest of the crew has not been paid either. Chahat has said that she was going through acute depression because of the unpaid dues, and may even have ended her life.

Since there have been contradictory reports about this, we spoke to Chahat and Zaan exclusively, earlier today.

Elaborating on her depression, she says it multiplied when her producer Jyoti gave her a deaf ear when she pleaded him to give the money owed to her so that her landlord does not drive her out. “If my mom, Zaan and a few other friends hadn’t explained to me, I might have ended my life,” she says, rather clearly. Chahat continues to stay in Mumbai only because her mother mortgaged her gold and helped her pay her house rent.

Surprisingly, the producers of Hamari Bahu Silk have not reacted to Chahat and Zaan, despite Zaan putting out videos harping on the plight of the crew. Where are Jyoti Gupta, Devyani Rale and Sudhanshu Tripathi? How can three people keep the phone going unanswered? It is quite shocking that they haven’t addressed this issue even when Chahat and Zaan are talking of a step as extreme as suicide. Says Chahat, “Seems they’re not even bothered about their own reputation. Kya yeh log tab jaagenge if one of us actually ends his/her life?” Zaan adds, “Reputation bhi agar side mein rakhe, manavta koi cheez nahin?”

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