Crime Patrol Actor Shafique Ansari’s Wife In Financial Stress

After the passing away of Shafique Ansari, the actor’s wife is having a difficult time and is under financial duress.

Shafique Ansari passed away on May 10, at the age of 52. Earlier this week, I had spoken to his wife in an exclusive interview on this platform.
The actor, who was largely seen in Sony’s Crime Patrol, was severely ill since the past two and a half years. “The chemotherapy had its side effects. He could not generate haemoglobin in his body and needed blood transfusion. Around August 2019, we started trying Ayurvedic medicines too,” his wife had further said.

I spoke to Mrs Ansari again yesterday. She revealed that she was facing a financial crunch. “It will get tougher when my three daughters (aged 15, 13 and 11) go back to school again. My husband didn’t want me to work after I delivered our first baby. I am in financial duress.”

Mrs Ansari said that CINTAA, of which Shafique was a member, had come forward with help when he was hospitalised for two-and-half months. “We got additional help from his school friends, who had formed a WhatsApp Group to ensure that he gets the adequate treatment.” However, after Shafique breathed his last, nobody has come forward, “It’s tough times. The school friends had told in the group sometime in April that they are now facing a problem in their earnings owing to the lockdown and consequently would be able to contribute lesser,” Mrs Ansari concluded.

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