Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega To Be Discontinued?

The impact of the coronavirus may lead to the discontinuation of the show, and even if it continues, there may be a drastic change in its storyline.

While a final decision has not been taken yet, Zee TV may pull the plug on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. The channel is going back and forth with producer Ved Raj on what to do with this product. This might be yet another collateral damage of COVID-19.

Guddan is one of the several shows that have come to a grinding halt because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, after all . To get past this crisis, the show actually shot a test episode from the various actors’ respective homes. However, though they sent this episode to the channel, it has not been telecast. It seems that the quality and dynamics did not converge to give a product suitable enough to run on television.

When contacted, lead actor Nishant Malkani said, “I really don’t know if any decision has been taken, but we are in a state of flux. We shot for an episode from home to see if we can continue the show further, but we have not received any revert on that yet.”

The buzz is that if the show does continue, Nishant Malkani’s character, Akshat Jindal, may be bumped off and a new story will emerge soon. A final decision is in the offing, though from what we have heard, it is likely going to be a discontinuation of the show.

Let’s see if the Guddan fans and the feedback that Zee is receiving on this show helps the Nishant Malkani-Kanika Mann boat to come out from choppy waters. Guddan has been on air since September 2018 and has done fairly well.

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