Rakesh Paul Remembers Sachin Kumar After His Untimely Demise

Rakesh Paul goes down memory lane and talks about his friend Sachin Kumar, who passed away yesterday at the untimely age of 42.


TV actor Sachin Kumar is no more. He suffered a cardiac arrest in his sleep and passed away yesterday. Sachin, who acted in shows like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and Lajja, was also a cousin of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. We stand by their families in this difficult time.

We exclusively spoke to television actor Rakesh Paul, who was a close friend of Sachin. Excerpts:

Since how long did you know Sachin Kumar?
We go back a long way. I knew him even before he started doing Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii.

Was he married?

Have you reached out to his parents?
As soon as I got to know, I tried dialling his number to try and get in touch with his parents, but nobody picked up. A few of our common friends and I started seeking permissions to attend the funeral, but soon realised that the cremation had been done. I can understand the difficulty that Sachin’s family must have faced in the ongoing lockdown scenario.

When did you last meet him?
We were very close but met last about five years ago. I think it was at a common friend’s party. Years ago, when he stayed in Lokhandwala, we used to go for auditions together and that’s the time we became really close. We would spend a lot of time with each other.

How did you lose touch with him?
I think a majority of us have started living in a stupid, virtual world. We only text each other. We hardly call anybody. The happiness that a phone call gives in listening to the voice of a dear one cannot be matched by a hundred WhatsApp texts. I guess that’s what happened. But as I have realised this, I have started living by the minute. I advise everyone to make a bucket list and start ticking boxes. Life has become so fragile and unpredictable, and yet we don’t seem to understand.

I do wish I had made the extra effort to meet Sachin recently. He had become a bit aloof but would still say sometimes, “Chalo milte hain,” but in the mad scramble of today’s world, it never happened.

How did you learn that he is no more?
Again, it was a WhatsApp text. Two years ago, we had created a group of old friends. I shall say it again. Life is short. Let’s start calling up each other. Let’s get back human connection and meet our friends once the lockdown is over. That is one realisation that this period of isolation has brought about.

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