Manmeet Grewal’s Wife Leaves For Punjab, Carrying His Ashes

Manmeet Grewal’s wife finally leaves for her parents’ house in Punjab, thanks to a gurdwara in Kharghar. Manmeet ended his life on Monday and the wife has been inconsolable since then. Read the exclusive story here.


It was a very sad sight earlier in the day when TV actor Manmeet Grewal’s friend Manjit saw off Manmeet’s wife into the car, which is now on its way to take her home to her parents’ house. Manmeet’s wife has carried the ashes of her husband, who committed suicide, on Monday. The ashes will apparently be immersed in some sacred place in her home state. 

Manmeet (of SAB TV’s Aadat Se Majboor show), who had been reportedly depressed in the lockdown period due to lack of work, hung himself by the fan in his bedroom while his wife was talking to her neighbour at her door. Worse still, his neighbours did come running to see why his wife was screaming- but some of them did not touch Manmeet fearing that he might have contracted Coronavirus and some of them got busy taking videos. The ambulance too, Manjit had said, arrived quite late.

Manmeet’s wife has got special permission to travel to Punjab. A gurdwara at Karghar helped her immensely in this regard. Ever since Manmeet passed away, Manjit was constantly by her Didi’s side (she calls Mrs Manmeet as his Didi).

We can understand what Manmeet’s wife is undergoing currently. No words of consolation can repair her loss. Why is destiny often so cruel?

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