Janhvi-Khushi-Boney Kapoor Undergo COVID-19 Test, Result Is Negative

Janhvi, Khushi and Boney Kapoor underwent the COVID-19 test after 3 caretakers at their residence tested positive. Read the full exclusive story here.

It’s been a near nightmare at Boney Kapoor’s household, since the past few days. After 3 of his domestic helps tested positive, the next test was to subject the family to test- Boney and his two daughters Janhvi and Khushi. One of the affected helps is the guy who takes Boney’s pet dogs down for a stroll. The other is also a male. The cook (male) and two maids have tested negative.

Anyway, thankfully, Janhvi, her li’l sister Khushi and her father Boney have also tested negative. The three domestic helps in question have been sent to quarantine. Meanwhile, Boney and his two daughters are taking utmost care at home.

In his statement, earlier, about one of his domestic helps who tested positive last weekend, Charan, age 23, Boney had written,  “We are all fine at home and none of us are showing any symptoms. In fact we haven’t left our home since the Lockdown started. We are thankful to Govt of Maharashtra and BMC for their swift response. We shall be diligently following the instructions and advise given to us by BMC and their medical team. We are sure that Charan would soon recover and be back at home with us.”

Take care, Janhvi, Khushi and Boney. It’s really getting scary out here.

Note: If any news or content published on this website, is picked up by another media, website or print, please attribute the story by writing ‘As reported by Vickey Lalwani‘.

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