Sushmita Sen’s Sister-In-Law Charu Asopa Speaks Out On Her Shaky Marriage: ‘My Husband Rajeev Has Moved Out’

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev is in a marriage with Charu Asopa,  whose boat has been rocked. All is seriously not well between the couple. Read this big exclusive where you have the confirmation for the first time.


It’s been out in the open that TV star Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have run into marital problems. But neither of them spoke to anybody until now to ascertain whether their shaadi has run into rough waters or not. 

So yeah,  this journalist called up Charu and Rajeev both this evening.  And it was clear after speaking to them that they are having some strong differences.  Rajeev who has not confirmed the separation but just gone about giving a wishy-washy statement that he’s in a happy space, maintained a “No comments” stance to begin with- and steadfastly maintained it even when I told him what Charu had told me.

So what did Charu tell me? Well,  she said,  “Rajeev has moved out,  but I am still staying in the house where we stayed together.”  

A friend of Charu chipped in to say that Charu has spoken to Sushmita about it. Obviously,  Sushmita must have been in the know even if Charu hadn’t.

Speculation about a rift between Rajeev and Charu began when their wedding pictures from their respective Instagram accounts started disappearing. It was clear the couple was deleting them. Charu’s friend informs us, ” Charu deleted them only after Rajeev deleted them.”

Adds the friend, “Charu and Rajeev who tied the knot only last year have had issues with each other since quite some time, but they kissed and made up several times to save their marriage.”  We hope that this time there’s no exception, though one must say that the road now seems rougher.

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