Aamir Khan Taking His Mother For COVID-19 Test: “Pray That Her Report Is Negative”

Aamir Khan has tested negative for COVID-19. He’s now taking his mother for the same test. Find out why.


A few members of Aamir Khan’s staff have tested positive for COVID-19. As a precautionary measure, the superstar got his entire staff tested. The rest tested negative. Even Aamir himself got tested and the result was negative,
Aamir is now headed to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital to get his mother Zeenat Khan tested.

In a note, AK says, “Hello everyone, this is to inform you that some of my staff have tested positive. They were immediately quarantined, and BMC officials were very prompt and efficient in taking them to a medical facility. I would like to thank the BMC for taking such good care of them, and for fumigating and sterilising the entire society. 

The rest of us have all been tested and found negative. 

Right now I am taking my mother to get her tested. She is the last person in the loop. Please pray that she is negative. 

I would, once again, like to thank the BMC for the prompt, professional and caring manner in which they helped us 🙏

And a big thank you to Kokilaben Hospital, and the doctors, nurses, and staff there. They were very caring and professional with the testing process. God bless and stay safe.”

My prayers are with you and your mother, Aamir.

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