Saroj Khan’s Condition Still Delicate, Shows No Significant Improvement

Saroj Khan continues to battle in the hospital.  We pray for her recovery.


This journalist had told you about Saroj Khan’s health report being not encouraging: It’s a case of kidney and cardiac problem. Sarojji was quite drowsy when her family admitted her (last weekend) and so she had to be shifted to the ICU. An artificial pacemaker was then inserted as her heartbeats were dropping. Her oxygen levels had also dropped and the hospital doctors put her on a ventilator. She has sepsis too. 

Furthermore,  Sarojji also needs her medicines to support her blood pressure. A cardiologist and nephrologist had also been brought in. She opens her eyes when told, sometimes she obeys commands, sometimes she recognises people.


Now, the latest I have learnt on Saroj Khan is that the legendary choreographer’s ventilator and pacemaker are off but despite that, she continues to be in a delicate spot. She has not shown any significant improvement.

For those who’ve come in late, Sarojji’s cost of medical entertainment is being borne by Salman Khan’s Foundation, Being Human.


Salman’s sister Alvira had first learnt about Sarojji’s failing health and taken the matter ahead. Saroj Khan was eventually recommended to Guru Nanak Hospital (Bandra East)  by Dr Sandeep Chopra- who works with Being Human Foundation.

We pray for Sarojji’s recovery. 

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