Jasleen Matharu’s Lover Dr Abhinit Gupta Is A Married Man Awaiting Divorce

This is exclusive and breaking. Jasleen Matharu’s lover is a married man,  who’s fighting an ugly divorce.


Jasleen Matharu’s marriage is not happening, soon. The man of her dreams,  Dr Abhinit Gupta, is fighting a divorce spat with his first wife. 

Did you know that the Bigg Boss 12 contestant Jasleen Matharu who’s all set to meet the man she has fallen in love with, is not legally single?  Bhopal-based Dr Abhinit Gupta, whom she lovingly brought out in the media sometime ago as her man, is fighting for divorce from his first wife.  The separation has not amicable, in fact, ugly.

Jasleen has been told by Dr Gupta about his version of his first marriage. The marriage in question happened last year and lasted for about 15 days,  and some even say,  just 4 days. 

Actor-singer Jasleen has been interacting with Dr Gupta only on phone and online. The two are yet to meet in person. Jasleen’s mentor Anup Jalota came up with Dr Gupta’s name as her life partner.

Jasleen has been quite vocal about her feelings for Dr Abhinit while talking to the media. Jasleen further revealed how she is trying and learning to make new dishes for him and shared with SpotboyE.com, “I have never entered the kitchen but now I am so much in love with him that I am trying to learn every dish which he likes. Now, I am just waiting for him to come to Mumbai so that I  get to cook everything for him. In one of our conversations, he had told me that he likes ladoos a lot. And I told him should I make it for you? So, he was like I would love to eat it. And knowing the fact that I don’t know how to make it or made anything like this before, he suggested I start with kurmura laddu as that’s easier but I told him I will make what’s his favourite and that’s til ke laddoo. In fact, I successfully made the ladoos and have couriered him now. And he is excitedly waiting there to eat. He also said, ‘I have informed my parents ki Bahu ki taraf se ladoo aa rahe hain.'”

All said and done,  Jasleen will marry only when Dr Gupta is officially divorced.

When contacted, Jasleen said that she is aware of Dr Abhinit’s first marriage, but would not like to say anything else at this point.

(To read Jasleen’s father Keshav Matharu’s interview, click here.)

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