Jasleen Matharu Off To Bhopal To Meet Not-Yet-Divorced Dr Abhinit; Father Says, “Let Her See His People And House”

Jasleen Matharu’s father Dr Keshav Matharu counters questions on Jasleen’s lover Dr Abhinit Gupta being not yet divorced. Read this exclusive interview.


This journalist just revealed to you a few minutes back that Jasleen Matharu’s Bhopal-based lover Dr Abhinit Gupta- introduced to her by her mentor Anup Jalota- is a married man who’s not yet divorced. 

Here’s my conversation on that with the Bigg Boss 12 contestant’s father, Keshav Matharu:

Is Jasleen going to Bhopal on July 1? I hear, she’s getting engaged to Dr Abhinit Gupta there…
She’s not getting engaged but yes, you are right that she’s off to Bhopal on July 1. She will meet Dr Abhinit for the first time.

Dr Abhinit Gupta is married and not yet divorced…
Yes, we are aware.

His wife had pressed some charges against him…
I have those documents

The marriage lasted for 15 days...
Nope, just 4. Moreover, the wife’s allegations proved to be untrue by the law. There was someone who was misguiding her, she was trying to fleece some money from Dr Abhinit. He has now filed a defamation suit against her.

Are you going to Bhopal with Jasleen?
No, her brother is accompanying her.

Dr Abhinit Gupta’s divorce has not yet come through…
Yes, but that will happen. The girl in question hardly stayed with him for 4 days. Her charges are untrue. The divorce might take some time but we are not in a hurry. Waise bhi abhi toh lockdown ka period chal raha hai.

So, Jasleen and Dr Abhijit are not getting any time soon. The divorce will take time…
Baat cheet karne mein aur ek doosre ko samajhne mein bhi time lagta hai. Aur hamari taraf se bhi koi jaldi nahin hai. 
In fact, Dr Abhinit had offered to come to Mumbai, but I felt it would be better if instead Jasleen flies out to Bhopal. Let Jasleen and Dr Abhijit understand each other and discuss everything. Let her see his people, his house.

How long does Jasleen plan to stay in Bhopal?
Do-char din ka toh programme hai.

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