Saroj Khan’s Hospital Expenses Being Borne By Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation

Salman Khan is bearing Saroj Khan’s hospital expenses. Being Human Foundation is paying to help in Sarojji’s recovery


Bollywood’s ace choreographer Saroj Khan has been admitted to Guru Nanak Hospital (Bandra East). Masterji (as she’s fondly called) is battling out cardiac and kidney trouble.

This journalist, this morning, had spoken to one of the doctors attending on her, Dr Sheilija Singh (General Physician), and brought you that Saroj Khan’s heart rate was dropping and a temporary pacemaker (a permanent one will be required, shortly) had been inserted. Meanwhile, her renal problem continues and Sarojji is on dialysis. 

This platform brought you the full medical report, a couple of hours ago.


Dr Sheilija had said, “It’s a case of kidney and cardiac problem. Sarojji is currently stable but she was quite drowsy when we admitted her (last weekend) and so we had to shift her to the ICU. We had to put an artificial pacemaker as her heartbeats were dropping. Her oxygen levels had also dropped and we put her on a ventilator for some time. She has sepsis and probably lurking pneumonia- but not COVID-19.”

“Sarojji also needs her medicines to support her blood pressure. She hasn’t deteriorated but I can’t say that she’s drastically improved. She’s maintaining the status quo for now, but it’s fluctuating. You have to take one day at a time. A few other doctors are also involved in her case. We have brought in a cardiologist and nephrologist. She opens her eyes when told, sometimes she obeys commands, sometimes she recognises people,” Dr Sheilja had added.

Now, the latest I have learnt on Saroj Khan is that the cost of her treatment is being borne by Salman Khan’s Foundation, Being Human.

The story further has it that it was Salman’s sister Alvira who first learnt about Sarojji’s delicate health and took the matter ahead. Saroj Khan was recommended to Guru Nanak Hospital by Dr Sandeep Chopra- who works with Being Human Foundation.

 When contacted, Sudhir More from the Billing Section of Guru Nanak Hospital confirmed and said, “Yes, Salman’s Being Human is taking care of Saroj Khan’s medical expenses.”

Last heard, about an hour ago, Sarojji’s pacemaker has been kept aside and the ventilator has been removed. But she’s under observation (still in the ICU). It remains to be seen how she fares over the next few hours without external assistance as far as her heart rate is concerned.

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