‘I Am In Touch With One Of My Exes, But Not With The Second,” Reveals Never Kiss Your Best Friend’s Anya Singh

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Anya Singh talks about her Lockdown Special story with Zain Imam and lots more. Read this exclusive.


Anya Singh made her debut in Lex Talionis (2016). After making her acting debut as a minor artiste, Singh played her first leading role in Qaidi Band in 2017.. The film didn’t set the cash registers ringing. Anya wasn’t seen around after that, but now she’s fighting back through her online show Never Kiss Your Best Friend, this time with a Lockdown Special (aired on Zee 5). 

Here are the excerpts from her recent conversation with us:

How did the Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special Happen?

Well, it came as a surprise to be honest. But I was quite excited at first because it gave me the opportunity to get working in these frustrating times when everybody is sort of chained.

And then?

I started shooting from home over a Zoom call where the director (Arif Khan) helmed to put it together. 


Arif was known to me from the first part, so he knows my strengths. He played around those and it went smoothly.

Any difficult scene?

Just one, wherein I had to dance keeping the camera at a lower angle. It was very hot that day.

You connect with your ex (Zain Imam) in this show. Possible in real life?

Hmmm… yes. I am good friends with one of my exes- but not with the second one. It all depends on how the relationship ended.

How much do you identify with the title? 

Very much. It has happened with many of my friends that they ended up kissing their best friend. Situations become awkward thereafter, but not all the time. It is natural at times to believe that friendship can transform into love

Aage ka scene kya hai?

Aage ka scene toh kisiko nahin pata, no thanks to COVID-19. But I am reading scripts of movies and web shows. I am getting back.

You went away, primarily because your Dad passed away soon after Qaidi Band?

Not really. It was just that I hadn’t spent much time with Dad since the past few months before he passed away and after he passed away, I felt i should give some time to myself.

You have a 3film contract with Yash Raj films?
Yes, but I can go out and do other films in between.

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