“Akshay Kumar Has Come As A Demigod For Me,” Says TV Actress Nupur Alankar, Struck By Financial Crisis

Akshay Kumar has bailed out TV actress Nupur Alankar from a very depressing financial crisis and the actress makes no bones in thanking him. Read this exclusive.


TV actress Nupur Alankar (of Reth, Pran Jaaaye Par Shaan Na and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon) is overwhelmed having received a good amount of money from the superstar Akshay Kumar for extending a helping hand during her financial crisis. 

As they say, it pays to talk. And Nupur did just that. Nupur shared her plight with her close friend Renuka Shahane. The crisis has been triggered by the ongoing lockdown, but it all began when Nupur’s money got locked in the PMC bank crisis. Says Nupur, “Mummy’s health crisis came during that period only and it had started to affect my own well-being. I never knew that Renuka’s tweet would make such a difference. I have no words to thank Akshay for what he has done.” Nupur’s mother is suffering from Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and pulmonary hypertension.

Has she thanked Akshay? Replied Nupur, “Well, I sent him a text on whatever number I had. I don’t think he’s using that number anymore and I doubt if it was delivered. Anyway, I have no words to thank him. Will any amount of words be enough to praise him?

Renuka’s tweets triggered off a call to her husband Ashutosh Rana. And trust me, Akshay has given more than I would’ve wanted. For now, I can look after my mother very well, including keeping a caretaker.”

Nupur also went on to say that she’s going to lie to her mother, now. “Look, Mummy feels that our entire PNC money has gone. I am going to show her my Bank Of Baroda account now, where Akshay’s offering has been deposited- and tell her that the PNC crisis is partially solved and they’re transferring our money from PNC to Bank Of Baroda. It will make her happy and decrease her worry.” 

“Akshay has come like a demigod for me,” Nupur concluded.

Akshay has been instrumental in helping a lot, even otherwise. As far as the ongoing COVID-19 period is concerned, after donating Rs 25 crore in The PM Cares Fund, Rs 3 crore to BMC and Rs 2 crore to Mumbai Police (plus 1000 wrist bands to them in another generous gesture to detect symptoms of COVID-19), Akki (as he is fondly called) went ahead to help the needy members of the CINTAA by donating to the tune of Rs 45 lakh.

Trust Akshay Kumar to stand up for those who are in need and you will not be disappointed.

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