Shweta Tiwari Finally Blasts, “Abhinav Kohli Will Never Come Back Into My Life” 

Here’s the real story of whether Abhinav Kohli is staying with his estranged wife Shweta Tiwari or not. Hear it from Shweta herself.


Is Abhinav Kohli playing out a script that has scenes that ‘Shweta Tiwari and I stay together’? Has he got some film/role like that? Because the fact of the matter is that Abhinav is NOT staying with Shweta. He can console himself by the fact that his building society is the same, but he resides in the adjacent wing to that of Shweta’s.

Toh hua kya hai that this man is out on a spree through his social media pages and a few friend journalists to try and prove that he and Shweta have patched up, or even that Shweta and he have meetings?

 Patch up? No chance. Meetings? Only when it concerns their son Reyansh and mind well, the conversation then is limited.

What has seemingly sent Abhinav to behave bizarrely is that Shweta has nowadays stopped his meetings with their son. The simple reason is that she does not want to endanger Reyansh. These are times of COVID-19 and Abhinav should understand, and not go into a tizzy and confuse/compel the media to write untrue things (why are social media pages followed as if they are the most sacred text?). 

As for Palak Tiwari deleting that post from her Instagram account for which she has been questioned by Abhinav today, isn’t it common sense that the youngster reserves the right on what she wants to post/retain/delete? How does the deletion of that post indicate that all’s well between Abhinav and Shweta? If all was well, would Abhinav need to shout it out from rooftops like he’s doing now?


And here comes the million-dollar statement to tell Abhinav that his ‘film’ should come to an end. Shweta tells me, “Honestly, I am just not bothered about what he (Abhinav) is doing. He is not coming back into our lives. He will never come back. In the recent past, main uske saath jo bhi baat kar rahi thi- that was only regarding Reyansh.”

Adds Shweta, “Hereafter, the media can call only him. I shall prefer to not speak again. My take is clear and I am not going to change it.”

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