Sushant Singh Rajput’s Ex-Manager Disha Salian’s Postmortem Not Done Yet; Blame it On COVID-19

Disha Salian’s funeral is still pending as the post-mortem hasn’t been conducted yet, confirmed the police.


The name Shatabdi Hospital gives you a feeling that it must be superfast in its services, but I guess the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works of its every department, including the morgue. Disha Salian’s body has not yet been handed over to her parents. Disha’s mortal remains still lie in Shatabdi. Imagine the plight of the parents.

Disha jumped off from her 14th floor flat in Regent Galaxy at Malwani (Malad) on Monday night. She is said to have been having dinner and drinks with actor Rohan Rai and his friends. Suddenly, the 28-year old Disha got up and headed to a window and jumped off. Disha died on the spot.

The fact that Disha’s funeral is not over yet as her mortal remains are still in Shatabdi Hospital was confirmed, when I spoke to Senior Police Inspector Jagdev Kalapad from Malwani Police Station. He said, “Disha’s body has not yet been handed over to the patients. Shatabdi Hospital is tied up with coronavirus cases.”

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