Varun Sharma’s Manager Disha Salian Commits Suicide: Jumps Off From Her Flat

Varun Sharma’s manager, Disha Salian, has committed suicide. She jumped off from her flat and died on the spot.


Varun Sharma’s manager Disha Salian has ended her life. The youngster jumped off her from her flat where she is said to have been living with her boyfriend. Disha died on the spot.

Unconfirmed buzz is, she was having dinner with her boyfriend Rohan Rai and a few common friends and suddenly she went towards a window and jumped off.


Disha worked for Bunty Sajdeh’s Cornerstone and largely managed Chucha Varun. Prior to this, she managed Sushant Singh.

This is a developing story. A police case has been registered. Confirmed details are awaited.

Despite repeated attempts, Varun Sharma and Bunty Sajdeh remained unavailable for comment. 

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