TV Actress Meera Deosthale Is Dancing In The Aisles: “I Got My 10 Lakh Of Udaan”

When you’re happy, you’re happy. Nobody can throw a spanner in your happiness though some people are always on the lookout to do that. Anyway, Udaan actress Meera Deosthale is happy. And that’s that!


For quite some time, Meera Deosthale was worried. She wouldn’t tell you and put up a brave front all the time, but people close to her knew that the young girl could not get it off her mind that she had yet to be paid nearly 10 lakh by Gurudev Bhalla Productions for her work in Udaan. Ek toh lockdown shuru ho gaya tha, upar se uncertainty over the days ahead as far as so many things are concerned including work.

Yes, the buzz was that Meera will be paid her dues very soon. But the confirmation never came when it actually happened. Talking to me, Meera says, “There was a delay, but yes I have got the money now.”

Did the CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) have to intervene? “Not really,” Meera replied.

Meera had quit Udaan, after politely declining to play mother to a 22-year old. Talking to Times of India then, Meera had said, “I am just 22. How can I play mother to an 18-year-old? I agree that many actresses can pull off such roles at a young age, and maybe, I, too, could have. But I feel that I don’t look mature enough to play a mother at this point.”

Meera had also said, “I was already mother to an eight-year-old. Besides, the initial track that revolved around the plight of bonded labourers and their exploitation by Kamal Narayan is over. That was what the show was all about. Nevertheless, I got to play many shades as Chakor. From a young girl to a mother, I enjoyed my journey as Chakor. It is fulfilling when you get to do so much in three years.”

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