Yuvika Chaudhary Is Shocked At Arhaan Khan’s Claims That She’s Unaware Of Her Husband Prince Narula’s Friendship With Him

Prince Narula is definitely not Arhaan Khan’s friend anymore. Plus, Yuvika Chaudhary is flabbergasted that Arhaan refuses to understand. Read this exclusive story.


Is the word shocked? Or, should I have said, amused, instead? Whatever. The fact of the matter is that Arhaan Khan has been going around spreading false information that Prince Narula is still his friend. Prince neither was Arhaan’s friend, nor is. Everyone who talks to us or invites us for a party is not a friend.

Yes, Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan first met at the Prince-Yuvika wedding. But as Yuvika had told me, when I was with SpotboyE.com as Editor, that “Arhaan was never a part of their lives”. Speaking out further, Yuvika had told me, “He (Arhaan) happened to be there at our wedding on an invitation that had gone to him as a colleague. In weddings, don’t we all call several guests? So, it was like that. I don’t know why people think that Arhaan is our friend. Friends are people who’re close to you, Arhaan neither was nor is close to Prince and me.”

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Arhaan’s recent declaration that Prince is very much still his good friend, gives out a message indirectly that Yuvika is not aware about her husband’s circle.

Now this is not possible. Prince and Yuvika are very close and their marital life is going well. Why wouldn’t Yuvika know if Prince even just considers Arhaan as his friend?


A source tells me, “Arhaan is living in a false paradise. He needs to wake up to the ground reality that Rashami has left him and there’s no point in bringing it up repeatedly that Prince is still his friend. It is ridiculous that he’s throwing names. If Yuvika had gone on record to say that her stand against Arhaan (for cheating Rashami) is the same as Prince Narula’s, she definitely had her husband’s approval before that.”


Adds the source, “And if Arhaan is indeed close to Prince as he claims, why didn’t Prince know about his past? In fact, Prince has no idea about his present too and has no interest in knowing it either. Prince and Yuvika have a very definite set of friends whom they socialise with, plus their world is quite small. Arhaan needs to smell the coffee.”

For those who’ve come in late, Yuvika and Prince have been very upset with Arhaan after he hid his past from Rashami (the bhaanda was broken in Bigg Boss 13). Whatever little/cordial equation they had, went up in smoke as soon as Salman revealed that Arhaan has a wife and kid (about whom he hadn’t disclosed to Rashami). Yuvika had categorically told me, “We are going by what we see and read. It is sad whatever Arhaan’s doing to Rashami. The expose on his personal life in Bigg Boss 13 also came as a shock to us. Wrong is wrong. I cannot respect the wrong. Respect can be given if one commands so.” 

Prince and Yuvika remained unavailable for comment.

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