Wajid Khan Memories As Recalled By Salim-Sulaiman In An Exclusive Interview

Wajid Khan is no more. The musician’s close friends Salim-Sulaiman remember him fondly in this exclusive interview.


Wajid Khan’s death on May 31 plunged Bollywood into sorrow. The talented musician passed away in Surana Sethia Hospital at Chembur after testing positive for COVID-19. Wajid also had heart trouble and diabetes. 

We caught up with Wajid’s close friends, the music jodi Salim-Sulaiman, to talk about him. We also discussed the state of the music industry for a brief while.

Both are deeply anguished about Wajid’s premature death; he was not just their colleague but close friend. Unfortunately,  Salim-Sulaiman could not even attend the burial as today’s times of Coronavirus do not permit more than six people at the cemetery.

Wajid and his brother Sajid were first chosen by Salman Khan for Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya in 1998, and after that they never looked back. The industry is in grief over the loss of Wajid. Salim, in fact, was one of the first to tweet about Wajid’s demise. Salim and Sulaiman will miss Wajid terribly. “The positivity he exuded was something that I can never forget,” said Sulaiman.

We stand by Wajid’s bereaved family and wish his mother,  who has also tested positive for Coronavirus,  a speedy recovery. 

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