Heartbreaking: Wajid’s Mother Was Told By Her Youngest Son That He’s No More, While She Battled COVID-19 In The Same Hospital,” Says Cousin Shadab

Wajid’s mother had to be told that her son has passed away. How was it done? Who was compelled to muster the courage? Read this exclusive, heartbreaking story.


It has been tragic and horrifying at musician jodi Sajid-Wajid’s home since 2 years, ever since Wajid underwent angioplasty for a sever arterial blockage. Wajid then contracted diabetes and kidney problems. And then, he tested positive for Corona. Talking to me few minutes ago, Wajid’s cousin Shadab said that Wajid was admitted in Surana Sethia Hospital (in Chembur) since 2 months.

And now, we know that Wajid’s mother too has tested positive for COVID-19. Where is she? “She’s in the same hospital. She was admitted there when Wajid was alive. She knew he was on a ventilator. And then, we had to tell her about his death.”

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It was not an easy talk to keep the shocking news away from her. But who told her? “Sajid-Wajid’s younger brother Javed told her.”

Mrs Khan is currently okay as far as her general health is concerned otherwise, but totally shattered. Said Shadab, “You can imagine the state she’s in. Jawaan beta chala gaya hai,” adding, “She hasn’t yet tested negative for COVID-19 either.” 

Wajid passed away on May 31.

PIC CREDIT: thesajidwajid

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