Video Interview: Vidya Balan On Natkhat, Domestic Violence, Gender Bias & More

In an exclusive interview, Vidya Balan speaks about her upcoming short film Natkhat and the issues of gender bias that it aims to address.


I caught up with Vidya Balan for an exclusive video interview, last evening. The gorgeous actress was in her elements, as usual. We straight went to her short film Natkhat that premieres today, as part of We Are One, an online worldwide film festival. Vidya spoke very bravely on feminism, toxic masculinity, gender bias and domestic violence, the issues that Natkhat revolves around.

The questions went something like this:

  • You are not only acting, but also producing Natkhat. What did you find were the advantages of being a producer, and what were its specific challenges?
  • Films have a 2 to 3 hours to develop your character, while web series that are now gaining momentum in India allow you to stretch that even more, with several episodes and seasons. In a short film, is there a difference in the way you approach your craft as an actor? Since you have to establish the role and context faster, does that change the way you approach the acting process?
  • Short films in India have never been part of the mainstream, and have only been restricted to film festivals and indie circles. In fact, you are a rare mainstream actor who at the prime of her career is not only acting in one but also putting your might behind it. Why do you think that mainstream actors haven’t done that? Do you think this could be the torchbearer for the future?
  • What are the specific challenges that short films face in India, both from the point of view of a cinema viewer, and as someone who has now produced this film?

There’s a lot more in the interview. Vidya, as always, is forthright, sharp and insightful. Click the video above for a remarkably engaging conversation.

To watch the film during its premiere, click here:

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