Video Interview: Kavita Kaushik & Her Husband Ronnit Biswas On Marriage, Babies, Salman Khan & More

Kavita Kaushik scores 10/10 on her exuberant mood and talk. Husband Ronnit Biswas is relatively subdued but loving it.

When I texted Kavita Kaushik for an interview with her husband Ronnit Biswas,  the feisty actress of FIR did not take more than five minutes to revert in the affirmative. The stage was set for a bold talk and well,  Kavita was her usual self. Not once did she bat an eyelid in answering whatever I asked. Ronnit was there without any fuss and boy, he was enjoying every bit of it. We fired questions at not only Kavita but Ronnit as well, who took it very sportingly. 

We started off by asking Ronnit and Kavita what they liked about each other that drew them closer. After a while, we diverted the topic from their love story to their horror flick which they shot at home amid the lockdown. We veered on to web shows if Kavita finds them interesting.

And then, of course, we chatted about their horror film Do Not Dream (directed by Abhinav Shukla), which they’ve shot at home. The film is about a girl who’s tormented by bad dreams and she’s home alone during the COVID-19 lockdown.

And then there’s a fun, interesting bit about Salman Khan too.

We also asked Kavita and Ronnit if their stand on having no babies stands fortified. Kavita was vehement that ‘no babies’ and she was supported by Ronnit. Marriages are made in heaven,  they say. Time to touch wood?

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