BREAKING NEWS: Sooryavanshi, ’83 Producer Tests Positive For COVID-19, Admitted To Kokilaben Ambani Hospital

Shibasish Sarkar is the latest from the Bollywood industry to be hit by COVID-19.


COVID-19 cases continues to mount and Mumbai-Delhi stay the most affected. There is no respite and one of the recent to be infected is the Reliance Group CEO, Shibasish Sarkar. Seems, Sarkar tested positive yesterday. The senior man from Reliance is now being treated at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Andheri. 

A call to the ICU confirmed that Shibasish has been admitted. “We were informed beforehand that Shibasish Sarkar was being admitted. He was admitted around 9 pm, last night,” the official added.

I last spoke to Sarkar on March 11, in the capacity of Editor at, when rumours of Sooryavanshi and ’83 being pushed due to COVID-19 were doing the rounds.

Shibasish Sarkar had recently been interviewed by with reference to film producers thinking of releasing their products on OTT. According to the website, Sarkar had said that both the parties are correct from their individual standpoint. “However, now they have to look at each other’s point of view with empathy. From a producer’s perspective, he/she has already invested money in the film, is running cost of interest and has no clarity when the theatres will open, but at the same time they also have a running cost of employee’s salary and office maintenance. And we must remember that every producer has a certain level of oxygen to breathe, right? So if a producer decides to take his film to an OTT platform, he isn’t wrong,” says Shibasish Sarkar.

Added Sarkar, “The exhibitors will be disappointed as they are also bleeding and are in the hope that once the lockdown lifts, they will have some good content to screen in their theatres. In between if some good films go online then it’s definitely disappointing for them, which is completely understandable.”

I stand by Shibasish Sarkar in his tough time and pray for his speedy recovery.

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  1. […] This platform was the first one to break the news that Sarkar, producer of Sooryavanshi and ’8… He was in the ICU, from where the hospital had confirmed with me on the morning of May 31. “We were informed beforehand that Shibasish Sarkar was being admitted. He was admitted around 9 pm, last night,” they had said then. […]


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