Mohit Baghel’s Death: ‘He Was Gone Just As He Reached The Hospital’s Gate,” Says Friend Vikas Giri 

Vikas Giri gets tearful talking about his friend Mohit Baghel who passed away, last Saturday.


TV actor Mohit Baghel died of cancer on May 23, he was just 26. We spoke to his best friend in Noida, Vikas Giri, who recounted the period from December when he learned about his illness.

“Mohit was in Jhansi at Raaj Shandilya’s (Dream Girl director) wedding when he first felt a shooting pain in lower abdomen. He called me and I advised him a pain-killer. The pain recurred again the next day and I pushed him to see a doctor. A biopsy was done, which revealed that he had a lump in the kidney. It was cancer in the kidney. We couldn’t believe it, we had all along felt that it would be just a stone.”

“It was in the 4th stage and I guess we were very late. But surprisingly, he had no symptoms prior to that attack at Raaj’s wedding. 

He came to stay with me in Noida and his brother joined us from Mathura where his family stays. We started his chemotherapy sessions and the doctors said by April that he was 70 % cured. Of course he had a few side-effects of chemotherapy like blisters in the mouth etc, but that’s about it.

After that, he went to stay in Mathura. And suddenly on May 23, he told his family that he was feeling uneasy.

They immediately rushed to a hospital, but he was gone just as they reached the hospital’s gate. The brother knew that it was all over, but somehow took him inside to confirm.

The cancer had spread into the liver and lungs. The entire family is in a pall of gloom. I have just returned from there and you called me,” Vikas got tearful.

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