This Is Alim Hakim’s Reply To Anushka Sharma’s Post On Cutting Virat Kohli’s Hair

Look what the hairstylist maestro Alim Hakim has to say about Virat Kohli. It’s an exclusive story.


Alim Hakim is the go-to person when it comes to styling the who’s who including Virat Kohli. Koi shaque? Alim also shares a strong bond with Virat and his wife, Anushka Sharma. 

The celebrity hairstylist has also loved Anushka’s web show Paatal Lok and praised it on social media. “@virat.kohli I am hooked on to #paatallok .. It’s so gripping and intense.. Loved the back story of each n every character… kickass show…Brilliantly performed by all the actors and has a super drama…Totally loved it.. Full marks to the director’s execution…Hats off to the whole production team  @anushkasharma @kans26”Anushka reciprocated,  “Can’t wait for you to cut Virat’s hair so I can STOP!” A few days back, we had learnt that Anushka has been giving a haircut to Virat amid the lockdown.

This journalist spoke to Alim about Anushka’s recent post addressed to him. Alim tried his best to excuse himself, but when prodded, said in his sweet inimitable style, “Virat is a great guy, fun to be with. He is such a perfectionist and has a great eye and taste for fashion.”

If he’s in Mumbai and wants to cut his hair, you will find Virat at either Alim’s Bandra or Versova salon.

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