Vikas Gupta Knows Who’s Sabotaging His Instagram: Mystery Solved 

Vikas Gupta’s Instagram sabotagers are on the loose but he has identified them. Now, they will know how close is Vikas on their heels. Read this exclusive scoop.


If I am not wrong, it was on Vikas Gupta’s birthday (May 7), sometime in the afternoon that his Instagram simply vanished. People felt that it had been either hacked or the Mastermind (as he is fondly called) had deleted the contents. Speculation soon got rife, but nobody knew the real answer until the man in question himself disclosed it.

Talking exclusively on this platform, Vikas in a recent VIDEO INTERVIEW explained what had happened. Vikas had been quite worried about his Instagram, of late.

“Since the past 18 months, Instagram has become a tool for both professional and personal use. Now, the reach of my posts used to be 7 lakh but recently only 60 to 70 thousand people were getting it. Some of my ill-wishers have cut off the reach by trying to mass report my account.

In their report, they write to Instagram that my feed is a platform for sleazy activities. Let me tell you how. You well know that there are people commenting below posts, some announce sleazy activities such as sexual flavours as well. So, some of the people who envy me have complained that my Insta has become a source of such activities. Now, this is just ridiculous.

But I have identified who these people are. They are from the industry and some of those are whom I have helped.

So while I was going back from my birthday celebration which I did at an orphanage, I felt I need a break from all expectations. I decided to give it a break. I archived my posts.

If you want to know why I returned, well I lost a lakh and half on a certain campaign when I had tucked my Instagram aside. I get paid very well on the campaigns I support.”

However, now that Vikas has finally come to know who’s behind the mischief, he concludes on this issue to say that he shall unmask all of them after the lockdown is lifted. 

We can’t wait for the lockdown to get over, can you?

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