TikTok Fight: Noor Siddiqui Says, “Amir Siddiqui’s Problem Is That I Got The Job He Was Doing”

Casting director Noor Siddiqui has finally opened up exclusively here on why Amir Siddiqui and he don’t get along. Read what he claims.


Reportedly, Faisal Siddiqui’s brother, Amir Siddiqui’s TikTok account (of 3.8M followers) has been suspended—but what is not known is the bone of contention between Noor Siddiqui (whose official complaint against his led to the suspension) and Amir Siddiqui. Majra kya hai jo baat itne hadh tak pahunch gayi? FYI, Faisal’s account was also suspended, few days ago.

According to Noor Siddiqui, and mind you this is only according to Noor as I always believe there are 3 sides to every story (Noor’s version, Amir’s version, and the version which is a combination of the withheld information that both won’t divulge), Amir is frustrated that he lost his job in Mehmood’s camp once Noor got introduced to him through Ajaz Khan. “Amir was supposed to do the casting of TikTok House (now called Tokers House) for Ajaz, but he could not cast people. I got introduced to Mehmood bhai (producer of Tokers House) via Ajaz, who recommended me. Still, Mehmood bhai must have seen something in me that he asked me to take up the task of casting. Except for 3 people or so cast by Danish Alfaz who did it out of goodwill for Mehmood bhai, I cast all the remaining.”

Did Amir go out officially from Mehmood’s job after Noor came in? Or was he out before? “Woh lagbhag out hi tha jab maine casting karna shuru kiya,” claims Noor.

“And let me tell you that Amir yet went about telling the world that he has cast several artistes in Tokers House. I kept telling him that how could he say that, but he was instead unapologetic about it. And when he started sending me threats, I think that’s the time when the matter reached a flashpoint where I had no choice but to make an official complaint (Noor, meanwhile, has denied all such charges). I am also perturbed by his comments on my social media handle that I am a nalla casting director casting aspersions on my character, and then he deleted them.”

Noor adds that Amir and he recently had a jhadap at a club in the smoking zone. “Cigarette ko lekar kuch ho gaya tha, but there were some people who wanted to beat up Amir for how he was conducting himself.”

What if Aamir says ‘sorry’ to him? Noor says, “I will forgive him definitely, but since he went public with his misdemeanours, his apology should be on social media or YouTube. If Amir apologises publicly, I will definitely consider it. Else he should get ready for a fight in Court. I have decided to pursue the matter after the lockdown is lifted.”

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