Akshay Kumar To Shell Out Rs 45 Lakh To The CINTAA Members Struggling In COVID-19 Times: BREAKING NEWS

Read this heroic act of Akshay Kumar exclusively here.

Trust Akshay Kumar to stand up for those who are in need and you will not be disappointed. After donating Rs 25 crore in The PM Cares Fund, Rs 3 crore to BMC and Rs 2 crore to Mumbai Police (plus 1000 wrist bands to them in another generous gesture to detect symptoms of COVID-19), the superstar has now gone ahead to help the needy members of the CINTAA. These are obviously those who are lesser known faces and are now facing acute financial crunch, no thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic

Akshay has started depositing sending Rs 3,000 to every needy CINTAA member. The entire amount will cover about 1500 such members and is thus estimated to be to the tune of Rs 45 lakh.

Confirming this, Dispute Committee Member of CINTAA Rashid Mehta, who is also an actor and has been in the industry since 42 years, said, “Around 1500 members are currently very needy and have applied to us for help. Akshay Kumar deserves praise, he has started helping them. The money has in fact started to come from today.” 

Added Mehta, “The needy members are very happy hearing what Akshay is doing for them. They have started extended their thanksgiving.”

This is real heroism, what else!

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One comment

  1. Well this is very valuable & helpful for needy actor’s who r going through very tuff time at present. Mr. Amitabh Bachan. Mr. Salman Khan & Mr. Akshay are doing best for us. Thanks a lot to these Legends. I personally thanks to Mr. Rashid mehta & entire cintaa jury for there support. I request to our other big stars to do something like this. Especially Mr. Amir Khan. Mr. Sharukh Khan & our nawab Mr Saif Ali Khan.


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