Satish Kaul, TV’s Lord Indra- Neglected By Sister, Divorced By Wife, Unattended By Son 

Satish Kaul is facing severe financial crunch and appeals for help. He has no family members attending to his health either, which too is not in a very good state. Read this exclusive.


Lord Indra Of B R Chopra’s Mahabharat, Satish Kaul, is struggling in Ludhiana. The 73-year old is hardly left with any savings. “I am paying a rent of Rs 8,000 per month.God knows how many more months I can manage. I am in dire need of money,” he told me over a phone call, yesterday.

Kaul said he was living in an ashram in Patiala for the longest time until he got some help from the government and actors like Jackie Shroff, Preeti Sapru and Bhavna Bhatt. Looked after by his caretaker Satyadevi, Kaul slipped in the bathroom some years back and broke his spine. “I was bedridden for nearly two-and-half years, before I came to Ludhiana. Coming back to Mumbai is ruled out, I cannot afford the rents on Mumbai flats.”

Senior actress Preeti Sapru has said that the Punjab government aided him with Rs 5 lakh. ” But I have appealed to the Punjab CM, Captain Amarinder Singh, once again. I have absolutely no work and I am terribly anxious,” Kaul added.

Also talking to me was Satyadevi. She said that Kaul has a sister who refuses to help him. “She had stopped taking his calls. It was only in the ongoing lockdown period that they have spoken two times.” Satydaevi also revealed that Satish has a son who has never come to meet him in his life. “He got divorced from his wife very soon after his marriage, they just couldn’t get along. The son stayed with her.” 

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