Jasleen Matharu Refused To Marry A Businessman From Canada; Anup Jalota Explains Why

Bet you didn’t know this! Jasleen Matharu closed the door on a Punjabi businessman from Canada who wanted to marry her.


Reportedly, Anup Jalota introduced Jasleen Matharu recently to a Bhopal-based doctor. Matharu and the medico (name withheld) have got talking, connected well and plan to meet after the lockdown is lifted. If the compatibility continues, the Bigg Boss 12 contestant may tie the nuptial knot. “Well yeah, they are getting along well. I don’t believe that a marriage can be decided merely on phone, howsoever long one’s conversation might be. But if Jasleen marries this doctor whom I brought in her life, the shaadi will happen this year itself. The man in question is a surgeon,” Jalota tells me.

Now what is not known is that Jasleen may have been married also by now. But as they say, marriages are made in heaven- and perhaps this one was not to be. I am referring to this exclusive piece of news that I’m giving you now. Jasleen was in long conversations with a Canada-based businessman before she got close to the doctor. And, the conversations were started for merely tying the knot, exactly as in the doctor’s case.

Jalota adds that she would have presumably got along extremely well with the Canada businessman “because he too, like her, is a Punjabi.” 

So why did Jasleen not get married to the guy in Canada? Jalota reveals, “That person told her that she would have to settle in Canada. This implied that she cannot pursue her acting career in India,” adding, “On the other hand, the doctor whom she’s got acquainted to, has no objection to her aspirations.”

I assume this did not go down well with Jasleen. The rest, as they say, is history.

Note: If any news or content published on this website, is picked up by another media, website or print, please attribute the story by writing ‘As reported by Vickey Lalwani‘.  

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