Akshay Kumar, R Balki Lead The Way In Showing How To Shoot After The Lockdown

Akshay Kumar leads the way in telling the film and TV industry how the shoots need to be done after the lockdown is lifted.


It’s getting inordinately long and we still do not know what are our future losses and when we’ll exactly re-open. But the earnest duo of Akshay Kumar and R Balki have done a great service to all those whose projects lie in a limbo, no thanks to COVID-19. This morning, the duo shot at Filmistan (Goregaon West) for an ad film—a public service message.

Speaking to me exclusively on this, Balki said, “Akshay and I shot an ad for the health ministry about the post lockdown responsibilities of each one of us. We need to get back to work but ensure our safety and those of others.

So at our shoot, we did the same, like it’s how we’ll get back to work- with social distancing, sanitised outdoor set, disinfectant screen, masks. And, we got used to it in a few minutes. Minimal crew, very strict protocols, and we found we could yet do it quite easily.

Anil Naidu, the ad’s producer, showed us how we can do the same shoot with far fewer people with maximum safety ensured. Of course we had all the permissions of police etc. We needed to do this as this message is very important. Also first hand, now we know what we need to do if we have to shoot in the post lockdown era.”

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