Naagin 4: Not Only Rashami Desai, Nia Sharma And Vijayendra Kumeria To Exit Too

No Nia Sharma and Vijayendra Kumeria too in Naagin 4. We heard about Rashami Desai’s exit yesterday. Read the exclusive story here. 


The big news of India’s Tellyland is that after Rashami Desai, now Nia Sharma and Vijendra Kumeria are also not going to be a part of Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin 4 (aired on Colors). This is the platform where you get confirmed news. And by the way, cost-cutting is not the reason why the three actors will not be a part of the story ahead.

The reason is that the lockdown has taken away a lot of shooting days (it’s more than two months now) and there’s still no date when the shooting will begin. The Coronavirus cases are increasing by the day and the situations is becoming only scary. Keeping such a scenario in mind, it is nearly impossible to continue the story from where Rashami, Nia and Vijayendra left it. The best thing is to give a brand new story to the show. 

As for Rashami, Nia and Vijayendra- a grand finish to their characters lies in store.
Naagin is a very successful show which has its audience hooked to it steadfastly. The new story will only bring in an additional wave of interest.

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