Breaking News: Kiran Kumar Infected With Coronavirus, Quarantines Himself At Home

It’s a hell of a time in the life of anybody in any part of the world. The latest on COVID-19 in Bollywood fraternity is that Kiran Kumar has tested positive.undefined

COVID-19 menace is making further inroads and showing no signs of abate at least in Mumbai. I now hear, Kiran Kumar has been infected the virus. The senior actor has quarantined himself at home. It happened 10 days ago, he will be next tested on May 25/26.

Yesterday, I saw visuals of KEM Hospital and Sion Hospital on India Today and my heart skipped a beat. The report which illustrated that we are running out of beds and space in hospitals needs urgent attention. 

Kiran Kumar stays near Gaiety-Galaxy in Bandra. When contacted, he confirmed that he has contracted COVID-19. “I learned about it when I went to a hospital for a minor procedure. I had to undergo some preliminary tests before getting the procedure done. I think they did the COVID-19 test in those list of tests as a precautionary measure and I happened to test positive.”

Added Kiran Kumar, “However, I have absolutely no symptoms- no cough, no fever, no breathlessness, just nothing. I am feeling absolutely fine. As I said, I had no symptoms earlier too. Else I wouldn’t have headed for a procedure.

Anyway, I have quarantined myself at home. I have 2 floors, so thankfully there’s no problem of space at all. My wife and kids stay on the penultimate floor and I have isolated myself at the top floor. I will again get tested on either 25th or 26th.” 

Kiran Kumar is the son of the celebrated film actor Jeevan and is married to Sushma Verma, a former actress, with whom he has two children. Son Shaurya is in the process of being launched as an actor and has worked with David Dhawan, Abbas Mustan, Indra Kumar and Imtiaz Ali as an assistant director; daughter Srishti works as a fashion stylist. Kiran Kumar has acted in several Hindi, Gujarati and Rajasthani films.

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