“Nawazuddin Siddiqui Is Neither A Good Father Nor A Good Husband,” Explodes Wife Aaliya

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s estranged wife Aaliya in an explosive, exclusive interview, talking about what she underwent in her 11 years of marriage. 


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya has decided to end her marriage. We had spoken to her earlier, but this time we went ahead to speak at length. Here’s the conversation:

I hear, Nawaz did not wish ‘Happy Birthday’ to his son on May 19…
He was never bothered. He wasn’t home for most birthdays of our kids.

That doesn’t answer my question
No, he didn’t call. Lekin yeh I think teesri baar hua hai. It’s been just like that since the past two years. 
But I celebrated my son Yaani’s birthday. He asked for cake. I made it but it wasn’t good. I then took help of a friend, baked another cake and put some cookies in it. 

Go on...
Nawaz and I were staying together but not as a couple since the past 5 years. Anyway, he doesn’t stay with us, now.

Currently, you stay at Yari Road with the kids. Where’s he staying?
He stays in a bungalow, nearby.

You said in one of your interviews that his brother Shamas raised his hand on you…
Shamas was about to raise his hand and he would have, if my mother-in-law hadn’t intervened.

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Did Nawaz cheat on you, after marriage?
Yes. And hasn’t he himself written in his book- An Ordinary Life: A Memoir- that he had an affair with Niharika Singh and that was after he’s got married to me. Frankly, he had many affairs after our marriage.


The portion in his book where Nawaz describes making love to Niharika is damn repulsive and humiliating

You’ve said that there was family torture from your in-laws’ side. But weren’t the four of you staying separately?
But Shamas, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law often dropped by. Whenever they were around, I was under a lot of pressure.

Was Nawaz so obsessed in his own ambitions that he never tried to rectify the situation?
I delivered my babies, when he wasn’t around. I went to the doctor alone to deliver my first baby. Unhone kabhi dhyaan diya hi nahi. At the time of my second delivery, I had gone away for 8 months to my sister’s house.
Nawaz is neither a good father and husband, nor a good human being. He has never respected his girlfriends, me or our kids. To be a good husband and/or father, you need to be a good person first isn’t it?
Plus, he is very hot tempered. He used to often shout at maids too. And you must be knowing that it was reported that one of Nawaz’s sister-in-laws had accused him of kicking her in her stomach when she was pregnant. They settled it amongst themselves after a case had been filed, and I would certainly not know if that allegation was true.
I am not a top actress or producer, himmat karke decision liya hai alag hone ka. Ek rickshwallah se rehna behtar hoga, izzat toh dega.

Do the kids ask about Nawaz?
No, they have got used to his absence. They know he’ll see them once or so in 5/6 months. 

Did you know beforehand when Nawaz was writing his book that he was going to describe his love affairs?
Nope, he never involved me in any part of his life. Unko lagta tha, theek hai ho gaya mera (affair), that was his attitude. The portion where he described making love to Niharika was damn repulsive and humiliating

What was the flashpoint when you decided, ‘Enough is enough. Now, let’s divorce’?
It happened during the on-going lockdown. I started doing some self-introspection and dwelling on my marital relationship with Nawaz. An inner voice asked me, ‘What are you doing with your life?’undefined

“Nawaz’s brother Shamas has accepted that he got my phone tapped”

What if Nawaz comes to you, apologises and says, ‘Let’s give this marriage another chance’?
I am not going back to him. I don’t want his name to be associated with me. I want to start life afresh.
That quietness of me was taken for granted. I was not even allowed to speak anywhere. In fact, Nawaz used to so often tell me in front of my kids, ‘Baat karna seekho. Tumhe baat karna nahin aata’. My daughter would go up to him and say, ‘Papa, yeh kya bol rahe ho?’ 
Mujhe baar baar zaleel kiya jaata tha. He even accused me that I married him for money. We got married in 2009. May I ask how much money had Nawaz earned till 2009?

Was Nawaz suspicious about you that Shamas got your phone tapped?
Eeshwar hi jaane. And yes, Shamas has accepted that he got my phone tapped and I have his acceptance with me.

Buzz is, you are going steady with someone from Viacom 18?
A wrong picture has been circulated to defame me. I am not with that guy. There were other people in that picture but they were cut out.
This made me go on Twitter. I was never on Twitter before. Kitna badnaam karenge ye log mujhe? No care for even the fact that I am the mother of his 2 kids?

Parting shot?
I was in a gutter. Finally, I am breathing free. Sirf gale me patta nahin bandha tha. I am 15 years younger than him and I think my decision to marry him was done in haste.

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