Vikas Gupta Interview With Vickey Lalwani |On Ekta Kapoor, Bigg Boss & Instagram Sabotage

Interviews with Vikas Gupta are always frank, forthright and freewheeling. Whatever question I’d lob at him, he took it on his chin. This is part of the series ‘The Dialogue with Vickey Lalwani’.


In another edition of our interview series, ‘The Dialogue with Vickey Lalwani’, we speak to Vikas Gupta, the man who everyone on television knows. We began by talking about his Balaji beginnings, his live-in relationship at the age of 16, his experience in the television industry, differences with Parth Samthaan and Priyank Sharma and other controversies that have surrounded him. According to Vikas, people namedrop and talk about him despite not knowing what he looks like. The Mastermind, as he is fondly known as in the TV industry, narrates a couple of hilarious incidents about the same.

Someone has been trying to sabotage my Instagram presence.

There is wit, candour and controversy. See the full video to hear him talk of his television journey and his film ambitions.

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