Hamari Bahu Silk Controversy Resolved: Chahat Pandey & Amit Behl Say, “Payment On The Way”

All’s well that ends well. Chahat Pandey, Zaan Khan and the rest of those from Hamari Bahu Silk who were unpaid all this while are now heaving a sigh of relief.


A couple of days ago, Chahat Pandey and Zaan Khan, the lead pair of Hamari Bahu Silk of Zee TV, spoke with great agony that they had only been paid for the first month, despite shooting for their show for seven months. The rest of the cast and crew had not been paid either.  Videos of their grouse were going viral on the Internet and there were contradictory reports flying around. Finally, clearing the air, Chahat confirmed to me on Monday evening that she was going through acute depression and may even have ended her life if Zaan and her mom hadn’t intervened. In fact, prior to that, Kriti Sanon had also expressed her concern on the same matter.

The impact of our interview has been immense. Yesterday, one of the producers Jyoti Gupta, who was accused for the fiasco of non-payment put out a public statement trying to absolve himself from the mess, and this only led to more fear in the minds of those who hadn’t been duly paid. But finally, today morning, the issue seems to have been resolved.

As per my information, the FWICE (Federation Of Western India Cine Employees) and CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes Association) stepped into the ugly scene and saved the scenario from going more haywire. This was confirmed by Chahat, who tells me that, “We are soon going to get our cheques. CINTAA has informed us.”

When contacted, CINTAA Secretary Amit Behl confirms exclusively on this platform, “The Federation has many members in Hamari Bahu Silk. They contacted us. We spoke to Zee, whose Legal Head has promised that the payment will be duly sorted. The cheques will be given to the cast and crew either directly or through CINTAA or FWICE.”

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