Manmeet Grewal Suicide: Wife Tests Negative for COVID-19, does not get Permission to Leave

The actor had committed suicide on Saturday evening. His wife hasn’t been able to leave for her parents’ home yet.

Manmeet Grewal’s friend, Manjit, bids his last goodbye.

Losing a husband and wanting to go to one’s parents’ home is nothing short of emergency. But still, Manmeet Grewal’s wife was not allowed to leave Mumbai via road today.

Manmeet ended his life by hanging himself from a fan on Saturday at around 11 pm. Thereafter,  his wife who he had married only two years ago, is in a very bad shape.  “Her face is swollen and she has got a splitting headache, ro roke bura haal ho gaya hai,” Manmeet’s friend Manjit tells me. 
Plans were afoot to send her to her parents’ home in Punjab. The Kharghar Gurdwara was going all out to make arrangements of providing a car and a female companion who would travel with her. But nothing has materialised yet. Manjit says, “Koshish chalu hai,  but aaj toh nahin hua.”

Until then, Manjit continues to stay at Manmeet’s residence. “I am giving her food and ensuring that she at least gets something to eat. Her general well-being is deteriorating. I am going to consult a doctor tomorrow.”

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